Cookies and Cream


This talented group of Nagle College musicians love performing and focus on entertaining the audience with plenty of fun and enthusiasm.

The band members are selected by audition from within the school music program and selection is open to any year level and any choice of instrument. Many students are multi-instrumental and this is put to good use whilst performing as they swap around and extend the variety and function of the group.

Cookies and Cream rehearse weekly after school and work hard, learning new skills and striving to achieve the best they can be. At rehearsals the students are energetic and have plenty of fun and laughter as they work out ‘moves’ and performing characteristics to add into each song. This also allows an opportunity to show off their creativity and styling.

The song choice contains a variety of styles from artists such as James Brown, BB King, CCR, Commitments, Pink Floyd, Katy Perry and Bastille to mention a few.

The group often entertain fellow students at Nagle College and are regular performers at the Relay for Life Fundraiser, Bruthen Blues Festival, St Pats Cabaret Ball, Nagle Music concerts and band tours, and of course the Paynesville Music Festivals. Members rehearse and perform under the direction of Mr Andrew Long.

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