Nagle College Bands

Nagle Tunes Band

The Nagle Tunes Band has been a part of the Nagle Music program for the past 10 years. It involves students from year 7 to 12 and is a folk music-based group that meets weekly at lunchtimes in the Nagle Music Centre.

Students learn traditional tunes by ear and commit them to memory. The repertoire is drawn from many different countries including: Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Norway, South Africa, Greece, America and more. The instruments include: fiddle, Cello, Double bass, Guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, flute, banjo and percussion.

Many of the tunes are played as dance sets as the tunes band aims to play "Ceilidhs" or "bush dances" during the year.

The Nagle Tunes Band is lead by Mr John Corby.

Senior Concert Band

Nagle College Concert Band consists of students from Year 8 to Year 11. The group rehearses Thursday afterschool & enjoy making & playing music together as well as the social element that goes with that.

A lot of work has gone on behind the scene to encourage students to join & become part of the band, & it is now enjoying the success of this work through increased numbers.

The band has had little change in players from last year, so is fortunate to be able to perform so early in the school year. Students enjoy playing popular and well-known songs as part of their repertoire.

The Nagle College Senior Concert Band is conducted by Mrs Dionne Rettino

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