Yvonne vandelden, Tony Porter, Allan Pearce, Don McColl, John Rogers and Dominic Britten - five East Gippsland entertainers, all well-established in the local music and entertainment scene, who have come together to produce their own blend of jazz-themed music, in Razzamajazz. Not your regular pub band, Razzamajazz present an old-fashioned, sit-down, cabaret-style show, that promises a mixture of jazz & swing standards, sixties pop-rock, a few modern numbers and even a handful of comedy numbers - something for everyone.

The team:
Yvonne vandelden is known for her Bairnsdale-based singing school, as well as her occasional gigs as a singer and guitarist.
Tony Porter is a retired actor and journo who now regularly stars in musicals on the local theatre circuit, and has presented a series of cabarets over the past few years.
Allan Pearce is well-known in the area for his keyboard skills, with a long career as a backing player for visiting artists.
Saxophonist/clarinettist John Rogers is equally well-known, as a jazz muso and teacher.
Bass guitarist Don McColl has become a local fixture as one half of Moore Fiddling Around - with his violinist wife Kay Moore - and has played locally with many outfits over the years.
Dominic Britten has been playing drums for bands since his teens, and for this gig has taken time out from his ‘regular’ work with local music legend ‘Jimbo’ Young and The Jimmys.

Friday, February 24th, at the Paynesville Yacht Club: Razzamajazz promise a night to remember.

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